A Beautiful Reminder of the Miracles Around Us

We have a strong connection to heaven, having lost our son Zack at the age of 3, due to complications from pneumonia and his underlying heart condition. And more than once, we’ve seen the signs that remind us that heaven really does exist. There have also been times when our loss has shaken the faith we were raised with. It questioned our beliefs and even made us wonder why our sweet son had suffered so much on this earth. There have been times when we asked “why him” or “why us”? It’s impossible to stay in those moments for long without losing yourself completely, but they happen. They ebb and flow through the grieving process and become the “new normal” of your life.

miracle_from_heavenBut then something comes along to reawaken your faith and shake your spirit, reminding you of something you’ve lost and confirming the existence of the miracles that you have witnessed in your own life. This past weekend we all watched the film ‘Miracles from Heaven’ from Sony Pictures, and it did all of this and more.

Christy (JENNIFER GARNER) assures Anna (KYLIE ROGERS) that everything will be alright in Columbia Pictures' MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN.The film is based on a true story, written by Christy Beam, about how her family’s strong faith was tested when their middle child, Anna, was diagnosed with a very rare disorder. Her love for her daughter mirrored my own fight for Zack when she stopped at nothing to find answers and experts to help her sweet girl who was in tremendous pain every day. So many moments in the film reminded me of my life advocating for Zack…the wait to get appointments and the sweet talking of the receptionists. I remembered those moments when our family, who had been separated for days, was finally reunited behind the hospital room doors, and we’d have pizza and watch movies together. I remembered the guilt of caring for your sick child, while often neglecting your other two. And that Elmo tie in the film? I know that Dr. Nurko’s Elmo tie was a strong sign of my own connection to the story and to Zack.


Perhaps you’ve never heard of a miracle from heaven. I once heard a story from a dear friend when her 4-year-old son fell down an old well and was stuck for several hours. When he was finally rescued, the mother asked him if he had been scared. He said, “No, Papa was with me the whole time”. The amazing part of the story is that “Papa” had died long before the young boy had ever been born.

I still believe in miracles. I still believe in God. I still believe in Heaven and I believe that our son Zack has been showing us that he is still with us….in spirit.

If you are looking for a very special family film that will open up the dialogue with your own children about heaven, faith, and miracles, ‘Miracles from Heavenwill be released on DVD on July 14th, 2016.

To learn more about this film, follow Miracles from Heaven on Facebook or visit Sony Pictures to watch the trailer.

miracles_from_heavenThis post was brought to you by Sony Pictures but the opinions are my own.

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